Worker’s Comp Services

Workers Comp LawIf you have been injured at work, you need to receive worker’s compensation benefits in a timely manner. Worker’s compensation benefits can include the payment of your medical expenses, compensation for lost income and disability compensation. Dan Sugrue is professional worker’s comp lawyer who is dedicated to helping victims of workers compensation accidents. He has represented hundreds of clients who have had work-related injuries and has brought Workers Compensation claims before the Industrial Commission.
Time can be a critical factor in workers compensation cases so do not wait to get good, sound counsel. Dan will help inform you of your rights rights and what your responsibilities are in order to get the best possible settlement to provide for you while you recover from your injuries.

Dan Can Help You:

  • Get your medical bills paid arising out of a workplace accident

  • Get your temporary disability payments while off work due to an injury

  • Get your permanent disability benefits from a workplace injury or occupational disease.

Types of Worker’s Comp:

Temporary Total Disability
This benefit is paid to an injured worker who is unable to work during a period of recovery from an accident. They are typically under active medical care and they have not yet reached their ‘maximu medical improvement’ – the reasonable degree of improvement expected for their particular injury.

Permanent Total Disability
This benefit is only for the employee who is unable to return to work at all and has suffered permanent damage that precludes them from working in any capacity.

Permanent Partial Disability
This benefit is awarded for certain types of permanent conditions which do not preclude the injured person from working altogether.

In some states a benefit may exist for employees who have permanent disfigurement or scarring, even though there is not a functional impairment.

Temporary Partial Disability
This benefit is for the person who is able to do some work but is still recuperating from the original injury so they must do different or lighter work.

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